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Shocking Video Shows Moment When Lightning Strikes Behind The Statue of Liberty

What Happened?

An impressive video has gone viral on social networks, where you can see a huge lightning bolt striking right behind the iconic Statue of Liberty in the United States. The video was captured by a Twitter user, who later published it on the social network, assuring that it was the “best video” he has captured.

The clip was recorded on Wednesday night, when a thunderstorm hit New York, and a huge black cloud settled over this huge statue. Within seconds, a lightning bolt lights up the landscape

A Perfect Shot

Michael Calabrese, is the name of the person who captured the shocking moment, while working aboard the Miss New York led by Statue Cruises, as confirmed by the USA Today portal.

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“He was in the right place at the right time,” Calabrese told the portal, adding that he used his phone camera to record the statue in the midst of the storm. His love for the weather and his instincts as a photographer were what led him to take out his cell phone and start recording: “I did everything possible to keep him as still as possible and contain my emotion.”

The publication has gone viral, to such an extent that it has exceeded 2 million views on the digital platform.


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