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Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Director Announces Mysterious Project

The producer Pony canyon posted a promo video for a new animation project from the director Tomohiro Furukawa (Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight), pointing out that the novelist Yuuki shasendou is in charge of writing the story. The promotional video shows the name “Title Mitei Sakuhin (Untitled Project) ”, But the official Twitter account uses the hashtag“# ラ ブ コ ブ ラ“, Which translates as”Love cobra“.

The strange promo video shows a shuriken shaped like a heart, while a voice asks: “Who are you?“. Another voice responds: “I avoid love“, While the video shows the numbers”2021” and “1202“, Which form the palindrome number”20211202“, Which can be read in the same way from both sides. Later the video shows the word “CIRCUS”Accompanied by several eyes. Finally, the description of the video writes: “I love you, but I have come to kill you“. More details are expected soon.

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Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Synopsis

As preparations begin for the Seisho Academy of Music’s annual festival, the girls in class 99 prepare to perform their own version of “Starlight,” the tragic tale of two goddesses united by the brightness of the skies, but destined to to separate so as not to meet again. Created to nurture the next generation of theater talent, this girls-only school works to improve the singing, acting and dancing skills of its students. One of the students is Karen Aijou, 16, a carefree girl who has dreamed of performing on stage since she was a child.

Her love for the theater is reinforced when her childhood friend Hikari Kagura transfers to the Seisho Academy. Through her old friend, Karen stumbles upon a secret elevator that leads to a huge theater under the school. This arena, directed by a talking giraffe, serves as a battlefield in which her classmates participate in duels to determine who deserves the title of “Top Star”, which entitles them to play one of the main roles. of “Starlight.” Emboldened by the promise she made to Hikari to one day be stars together, Karen enters these mysterious battles in hopes of making her dream come true.

Source: Comic Natalie

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