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Shueisha gets the information she needs to take down a manga piracy ring

Japan’s major publishers are preparing to file a criminal complaint against the operator of one of the largest illegal manga viewing websites in the country. A decision by a US court has allowed them to identify the operator. Four publishers, including Shueisha, have accused the website of piracy “Manga Bank”Of infringing copyright. They mention that the operator posted all the pages of their manga and magazines on the website without permission.

In October, Shueisha petitioned a U.S. court to order Google and to other Internet companies that reveal information about the operator. I wanted the operator’s name, address, phone number, IP address, and other information. Last Friday, the court would have ordered the aforementioned platforms to reveal the relevant information.

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Illegal manga websites emerged as a major problem in the publishing industry about four years ago. A website called “Manga-mura“, Or”Manga Village“It was once the largest illegal manga site in Japan. In June, its operator was sentenced to three years in prison for copyright violations and other actions.

Manga Bank then replaced Manga-mura. The number of hits on the site amounts to about 81 million times in a month. But it was closed in early November. The four publishers plan to file a claim for damages, in addition to the criminal complaint.

An official of Shueisha, Ito Atsushi, states that the role of a publisher is to protect the works that authors set out to create, and to offer them to readers in an appropriate way. Ito is committed to fighting piracy websites. One of the attorneys for the publishers, Nakajima Hiroyuki, says hacking site operators can be identified by taking legal action, even if they use servers abroad. He added that he hopes to take legal action in the case of Manga Bank help deter people from operating illegal sites.

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Annexed: Popular English manga hacking services like CatManga and Black Cat Scanlations announced their closure on the same date as the US court’s approval.

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