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Shun’ei returns in new trailer of The King of Fighters XV

SNK prepares a series of videos focused on the first fighters of the roster

SNK finally revealed the first details of The King of Fighters XV after a long wait. The studio long ago shared a video to introduce us to several of the first fighters of the new installment. Now, prepare a series of trailers to show us a little gameplay and some introductory scenes for the combats.

In case you don’t remember, Shun’ei will return to be the main character in The King of Fighters XV. For this reason, the new video series begins with a preview that introduces us to some of the fighter’s movements.

This is how Shun’ei will fight in the King of Fighters XV

The latest trailer for the game first introduces us to Shun’ei’s revamped look. Later we see him in the combat arena where he meets Kyo Kusanagi, another of the key characters of the franchise.

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SNK finally featured scenes with gameplay, so the trailer lets us see what the matches will look like. However, elements such as the fighting interface and the game menus have not been revealed.

The company confirmed that voice actor Takashi Oohara will play Shun’ei in the game’s story. SNK recommended fans to be on the lookout, as they will reveal more details about the game in the coming weeks.

Other characters already confirmed for the game are Kyo, Benimaru, Mai Leona and K´, so we will probably see similar videos focused on them soon.

We remind you that The King of Fighters XV still does not have a release date, but its launch was confirmed for some time this year. On the other hand, its launch platforms are still a mystery, but fans believe that it will reach current and last generation consoles.

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The King of Fighters XV will be available in 2021.

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