Simple tricks with salt that you can do at home to make life easy

Just a few years ago, a study indicated that 99% of the world’s population was consuming more salt than necessary. This, in addition to indicating that consumption must be moderated, means that if there is something that we can find in a large part of the world’s homes, it is salt. So, if we have to reduce its intake and if most of us have it in our house, what we can do is use it for other things. If you wonder what you can use it for, this is the article for you.

We caught up with all the possible applications of this popular product and prepared a list of tricks that will help you in your day to day, as well as a special bonus.

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1. Chill drinks quickly

10 Trucos simples con sal que puedes hacer en tu casa y te facilitarán la vida

Is the can or bottle of your favorite drink hotter than you’d like? One solution to speed up the cooling process is to use water, ice and salt. How? Put these three things in a container, add what you want to cool, mix everything a little and let it rest. In 5 minutes you can enjoy a cool drink. You’re welcome!

2. Reduces soot from the chimney

10 Trucos simples con sal que puedes hacer en tu casa y te facilitarán la vida

When you build the next fire in your fireplace, add a handful of salt to the burning wood. This can help remove odors and reduce accumulated soot.

3- Removes perspiration stains

10 Trucos simples con sal que puedes hacer en tu casa y te facilitarán la vida

With just 1 tablespoon of salt and the usual laundry items, you can renew your clothing. The procedure is as follows: moisten the fabric and pour the salt over the entire stain. Soak the garment and leave it for 12 hours. When this time passes, rub the fabric so that the salt penetrates better. Then it only remains to wash and rinse normally.

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4. Prevent snow from turning to ice

How does salt melt snow? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

If you live in a place where snowfalls are common, you can consider this trick: throw handfuls of salt on the accumulated snow. What effect does this have? It prevents ice blocks from forming, since what the salt does is lower the freezing point of the water. Under normal conditions it is 0 ° Celsius, but with this trick it can go down to −10 °, -15 ° or −20 °, depending on the amount of salt you use.

5. Dust off your artificial flowers

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You only need two things: a plastic bag and coarse salt. Put the flowers in the bag, add a good amount of salt and shake (carefully). Much of the dust adhering to the flowers will be trapped by the salt, thus leaving your decorative arrangements much cleaner.

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