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SK Gaming turn to nutrition to improve player performance

German esports organization SK Gaming are turning to nutrition to find an edge for their professional players, entering a deal with domestic retailer REWE.

The difference between a win and a loss can often come down to the finest margins in many competitive disciplines, and esports are no different.

Competing in prominent titles like Rocket League and League of Legends, SK Gaming have named German supermarket chain REWE their nutritional partner.

REWE will provide “fresh and high quality food” to the organization’s players moving forward. The length and financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

SK Gaming REWE
SK Gaming

SK aim to take it to the “next level” with their new nutritional partner.

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SK Gaming will activate their new partnership by displaying REWE’s logo on their 2022 player jerseys and around their facilities in Cologne, Germany.

REWE already serve as a partner of FC Köln, the football club that purchased 67% of SK Gaming alongside Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG in January 2019.

“Esports is a dynamically growing digital sport, both nationally and internationally, which will continue to gain attractiveness in the coming years, especially for young target groups, and which has great potential for growth,” said REWE CEO Lionel Souque.

“We are very pleased that we, as a Cologne-based company, are taking the next step in our esports activities together with the Cologne-based company SK Gaming and that we can further expand the competence we have gained in esports with this strong partner.”

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