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SNK prepares the launch of a new console for 2021

Fans of the company already have theories about the new hardware

The rise of retro consoles brought SNK back to the market with releases like the Neo Geo Mini and Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro , systems that satisfied fans of the company with its classic games.

We’ve known for a long time that SNK has plans to release even more hardware, so gamers are expecting several surprises in the coming months. The study today revealed more details about its future in the console market and anticipated a launch for 2021.

Through its social networks, SNK announced that it will launch a new console next year. The company shared an image that, according to fans, has important clues about the hardware that is on the way.


The company shared few details of its project, but announced that its next console will be available sometime next year. He also assured that it will be aimed at both passionate fans of the brand and enthusiasts of console titles.

The study accompanied the revelation with a peculiar image, where we see the message “Who is the best player?”, A part of the planet and a logo that suggests connectivity. On the other hand, the SNK and Neo Geo logos are shown in the upper right.

Due to all these elements, players believe that a modern Neo Geo is on the way and that it will be somewhat focused on competitive play. The only thing that is clear for now is that it will be new hardware, so it will not be a retro-style console.

It is worth remembering that, in 2019, SNK announced the premiere of a new generation Neo Geo . The company promised modern design and interactivity with the Neo Geo Mini.

On the other hand, Ge Zhihui, president of SNK Corporation, said months ago that they are working on the Neo Geo 2 and 3, which are probably based on semi-open platforms. Gamers believe that the company is preparing something similar to the Atari VCS , a system that recently debuted.


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