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Solar energy for beer, Australia’s new blockchain initiative

Victoria Bitter has partnered with Power Ledger to develop a new sustainable project.

Victoria Bitter, an Australian beer company, partnered with Power Ledger, a blockchain energy firm, to power a project in which customers can exchange solar energy for a glass of beer.

Sustainability, blockchain technology and beer come together in one of the most striking projects on the crypto scene so far this year. This is the “Solar Exchange “, an initiative that grants “solar energy credits “to users, by which they incorporate panels into their homes. The surplus energy to achieve from these panels is exchangeable for beer.

Power Ledger will be in charge of tracking the energy that each customer provides to the network, and based on that, determine how much they can “redeem” for glasses of beer. That surplus, as explained by the firm in its press release, will be used by Victoria Bitter to reinvest it in the program.

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Brian Pham, general manager of marketing at Victoria Bitter, highlighted the new blockchain initiative and the environmental contribution it makes: “The only thing better than drinking Big Cold Beer in the Australian sun is winning beer while you do it. In addition, it is a true mutual benefit for lovers of beer and the environment. ”

Asahi Beverages, the firm behind Victoria Bitter, has an “ambitious sustainability agenda”, which found common ground with Power Ledger , which has been following its 2025 goal for years: to be powered by 100% renewable electricity.

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