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Some fans criticized quality of recent episode of Tokyo Revengers

The nineteenth episode of the animated adaptation of Tokyo Revengers again left fans excited to know what is next in this adaptation that is slowly approaching its conclusion. However, for another sector of fans this episode reportedly featured the worst decline in animation quality to date.

“It is respectable that you do not like animation, but this studio was on the last legs and was the only one that decided to adapt Tokyo Revengers to animation. The incredible and potential success that is obtaining will surely favor a second season, and perhaps the animation will be much better then when more capital is injected”, said a fan on Twitter.

“It’s respectable if you don’t the animation, but this studio was at its end, it was the only one that bet for tokyo revengers and the amazing and exponential success is getting, we’ll surely have a s2 and maybe the animation will be better because they’re getting more money”- It’s celia! 📌 tokrev au (@ MATSUN0IST) August 14, 2021

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“It’s a shame Tokyo Revengers doesn’t have any production value or whatever. Still, the fights were decently choreographed and felt visceral despite obviously limited animation”, another noted.

“I’s a shame tokyo revengers doesn’t have any production value whatsoever. the brawls have decent choreography and feel visceral in spite of the limited animation”
– Love Live! Trickstar !! (@DanielsansLions) August 14, 2021

“The most recent episode of Tokyo Revengers was disappointing. The animation was too decadent and did not live up to the original Toman vs. Moebius” commented another.

“Very disappointing this episode of Tokyo Revengers, the animation totally fell apart and was not even up to the level of Toman vs Moebius.” – Chifuyu (@ ChifuyuMatsun0) August 14, 2021

“The animation in Tokyo Revengers is not bad. The animators did a decent job and I am grateful for that. Still, I still laugh at scenes that I found too strange. Not that I’m upset about it, I just wish the budget had been enough to maintain a consistent animation”,defended another.

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“The animation in Tokyo revengers isn’t bad. The animators did a decent job and I’m grateful for it. But I will still laugh about scenes which look funny to me. That’s not me being mad at it. I just wish they had a greater budget to be able to keep the animation more consistent.”
– violet_araceli (@shycherryflower) August 14, 2021

“Obviously we will not put all the publications in this regard, but those that have had the most reactions to date. By the way, the franchise’s fan community Twitter account has already started a poll asking what they think about the quality of the latest episode. At the time of writing this article the option “Yes, I understand the controversy. But I don’t care”.He takes the lead.

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📊 Do you understand the polemic judging the quality of animation of this episode insufficient? #TokyoRevengers
– Tokyo Revengers Community (@TomanCommunity) August 16, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Synopsis

While watching the news, Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has died. The only girl who ever noticed him was killed by a group of criminals known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi lives in an old apartment with thin walls, and at his job, his boss six years his junior treats him like trash. At the cusp of misery in his life, he suddenly goes back in time twelve years to his high school days. To save Hinata and change the course of time, once useless part-time worker Takemichi must seek to become the leader of Tokyo’s darkest criminal gang!

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