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Sora Amamiya danced the ending theme of the anime Mieruko-chan

On the official TikTok account for the anime adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Tomoki izumi, Mieruko-chan, a special video starring the voice actress was published Sora amamiya, who in turn plays the protagonist Miko Yotsuya. In the video, Amamiya dances a choreography to her song “Mita na? Mitayo ne ?? Miteruyo ne ??? (ミ タ ナ? ミ タ ヨ ネ ?? ミ テ ル ヨ ネ ???)“, Which is used as the closing theme of the project. In a video published later, he also challenged his fans to imitate this choreography.

The series has been on air since last October 3 in Japan and is confirmed with a total of twelve episodes, while the platform Funimation will take care of its distribution in the West. Izumi began publishing the manga through the magazine ComicWalker from the publisher Kadokawa in November 2018. The publisher published the fifth compilation volume on March 22, followed by the sixth on October 22 in Japan.

Production team

  • Yuuki ogawa (FLCL Progressive, Ishuzoku Reviewers, Ooyasan wa Shishunki!) is in charge of the direction of the anime in the studios Passione.
  • Kenta Ihara (Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara, Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Chikashi kadekaru (Houkago Mania Club: Koi no Hoshii no, Juuni Taisen, Ta ga Tame no Alchemist) is in charge of character design and animation direction, while Makoto One (Choujuushin Gravion, High School DxD Hero, Seikon no Qwaser) is in charge of the design of the monsters.

Synopsis of Mieruko-chan

Miko is a typical high school student whose life is turned upside down when she suddenly begins to see gruesome and horrible monsters. Despite being completely terrified, Miko goes about her daily life, pretending not to notice the horrors that surround her. She must endure fear to keep herself and her friend Hana out of harm’s way, even if it means coming face to face with the worst. Mixing comedy and horror, Mieruko-chan tells the story of a girl who tries to deal with the paranormal by acting indifferent towards it.

Source: Otakomu

(c) 泉 朝 樹 ・ KADOKAWA 刊 / 見 え る 子 ち ゃ ん 製作 委員会

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