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South Korean Justice Launches Investigation Against Kim Jong Un’s Sister

What Happened?

Prosecutors in Seoul – the capital of South Korea – opened an investigation against Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The action came about after the destruction of the inter-Korean liaison office last month, authorities said Thursday.

Office Destruction

Last month Pyongyang destroyed the inter-Korean liaison office building, a few days after her sister and counselor said it was “useless” and that it would soon be “completely demolished.”

Before the demolition, North Korea had criticized “propaganda brochures” arriving in its country from South Korea.

The Investigation

In his complaint, attorney Lee Kyung-jae claimed that the destroyed building is owned by South Korea and that it was renovated with money from the South Korean government, despite being in North Korea.

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According to the lawyer, Kim Jong Un “used explosives to destroy … the quasi-diplomatic mission that served the public interest” of South Korea.

Because of what happened, the lawyer said he wants “to inform the North Korean people of the hypocrisy of their leaders.”

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