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South Korean series dominate in latest Netflix ranking in Japan

The latest ranking for the platform was posted on a popular Japanese comment forum. Netflix in Japan. The forum entry highlighted that Kimetsu no yaiba it was the only anime that managed to enter the list. In fact, the ranking is mostly dominated by live-action production from South Korea, while Japanese productions only comprise three out of ten positions.

South Korean TV series Hellbound (地獄 が 呼 ん で い る) took the first position, followed by the South Korean series Squid Game (イ カ ゲ ー ム) and then for the South Korean series The King’s Affection (恋慕). In fourth position comes the first Japanese production, Nihon Chinbotsu (日本 沈没), followed by the South Korean series Touch Your Heart (真心 が 届 く).

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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen rescues Japanese productions taking sixth place, followed by South Korean series Crash Landing on You (愛 の 不時 着) and for the South Korean series Itaewon Class (梨 泰 院 ク ラ ス). Finally, the live-action of Cowboy Bebop (カ ウ ボ ー イ ビ バ ッ) takes the ninth position. Although based on an original Japanese story, the production is also foreign.

In the comment forum there were a variety of opinions on the matter, highlighting: «Geez, who the heck is Nihon Chinbotsu watching today?»; «I don’t know of any of that other than “Squid Game»; «A natural and predictable result»; «Do only women use Netflix in Japan?»; «They say Netflix ignores one in ten viewers, so even if everyone watched a series, the viewership rate would still be less than 10 percent.»; and “Amazon Prime Video would take the lead if it weren’t for its lame interface».

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Source: Yaraon!

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