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Star Wars: a game similar to the Mandalorian could be made

Don't expect Star Wars 1313 to be revived in any way

Lucasfilms Games will be the new label with which the next Star Wars games will come out and fans are excited thinking about the possibilities that their franchises have in the world of gaming. For this reason, it is striking that a trusted journalist made statements suggesting that a game similar or inspired by The Mandalorian could be in the works.
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Through his Twitter account, Jason Schreier, a video game journalist who writes for Bloomberg, spoke about the possibility of different Star Wars projects in the world of gaming. The first thing he made clear is that it seems very difficult for Star Wars 1313 to return.

In case you didn’t know, Star Wars 1313 was a game LucasArts was working on before it was acquired by Disney. The canceled project was to be a third-person adventure in which we would take control of a bounty hunter.

“A lot of people are calling for [the return of Star Wars 1313], but it’s never going to happen. The Star Wars 1313 team is separate and the code is 8 years old”, explained Schreier.

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