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Steel joins T1 Valorant as IGL after 100 Thieves exit

Steel has joined T1 Valorant as the team’s new in-game leader (IGL) after getting dropped from 100 Thieves earlier in the year.

Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan will lead T1 in the 2022 Valorant season alongside fellow CSGO veterans Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham. He’ll presumably replace current T1 IGL Rahul ‘curry’ Nemani on the main roster.

T1 Head Coach, David Denis, is bolstering his lineup with a new leader who defined 100T’s playstyle for much of its successful run at the start of Valorant esports.

“Josh has a really impressive record as an IGL,” Denis said. “We really wanted a strong leader, a strong voice, and someone who can bring a lot of direction to the team.”

T1 Valorant signs steel

Steel is eyeing an appearance at VCT 2022 Champions as the team’s ultimate goal after coming up short with his former org at Masters 3 Berlin.

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“The main thing is VCT 2022 season [and] making sure that we are at next year’s Champions,” he said. “We are doing everything that needs to be done and trusting the process.”

It’s unclear if the new IGL has more roster changes in mind ahead of next year’s campaign. NA Valorant has been particularly volatile and T1 has struggled to consistently keep pace with top teams in the region.

skadoodle valorant t1

Steel will join T1 Valorant with players like Skadoodle (pictured) and autimatic.

The org added XSET’s Zander ‘thwifo’ Kim in late October after the Red-and-White missed out on the NA Last Chance Qualifier.

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T1 are exploring different avenues to improve in the second VCT season and will look to steel to make the team more competitive.

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