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Strong endorsement of bitcoin from one of the richest men in Mexico

Salinas Pliego announced that his bank will start working with cryptocurrencies.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of the richest men in Mexico, again expressed his support for Bitcoin (BTC). The businessman not only announced that Grupo Salinas would start using cryptocurrency, but also recognized that it would be able to have only bitcoin in its investment portfolio for the next 30 years.

Salinas has confessed in the past that she bought BTC before massive institutional investments led her to take the big leap. Initially he invested 8 thousand dollars, and a few months ago he stopped talking about figures and began to plot percentages of total investments. Knowing his influence in the Latin American business world, he urged his followers to get involved in digital assets.

The Mexican again highlighted the finite supply of BTC as the most attractive aspect of the cryptocurrency as an investment unit, but also led to the high level of “fraud” of fiat currencies as a boost for the emerging market.

Bitcoin has international value, which is traded with enormous liquidity globally.

The referents of the crypto ecosystem received his statements with open arms, given the considerable weight of Salinas’s figure in traditional markets. “Incredible to see this from Ricardo Salinas given his historical wealth and success,” said Anthony Pompliano, citing the Latino’s statements.

At the end of last year, Salinas confessed to having a tenth of his investment portfolio in BTC.
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However – and despite the recent drop in the price of BTC – , now his intention is to add the asset to his bank’s commercial strategy and make it the first bank in Mexico with crypto services.

Finally, the businessman regretted the present of the international financial system, where several national currencies are constantly depreciating against the dollar, as is the case in Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and many other nations. “The dollar as a bargaining chip is a joke, ” he added.

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