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Super becomes Tifa Lockhart with epic Final Fantasy 7 cosplay

Super has cosplayed the fan-favorite Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy franchise, and fans are loving it.

Overwatch League pro Matthew “super” DeLisi has slowly become one of the faces and voices of the league.

With his streams and social media following steadily growing since his entrance into the league, super has leaned into the limelight in some hilarious ways.

His latest stunt? A stunning and surprising Final Fantasy 7 cosplay that serves as an honor to the legendary Tifa Lockhart.

Super cosplays Tifa Lockhart from FF7

The Overwatch League pro took this cosplay to another level, going all out in makeup and dress as the Final Fantasy heroine. Super then proceeded to wear the cosplay throughout his Twitch stream late on October 26.

To open the stream, super talked about how his costume “was a f****** challenge.”

He went on about how the entire get-up was a lot to assemble and perfect, but assured viewers that he was committed to the details of the cosplay… all the way from shaving most of his body to replicating the character’s long hair.

Super, like many other OWL pros, is taking the opportunity the off-season provides to expand his content and keep his audience engaged.

He, along with Los Angeles Gladiators Tank player Indy “SPACE” Halpern, has been especially busy.

Both were featured on an episode of Plat Chat to talk about their overall impressions of Overwatch 2’s gameplay and have continued to be large parts of the initial hype for the game’s sequel.

As the off-season continues and players look to fill the gap, whose to tell what other exciting cosplays we could see.

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