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Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to PC before 2021

Sequel to acclaimed indie hit will be introduced on Epic Games Store

After its debut several years ago, Super Meat Boy became one of the first indie games to have great success. Due to the above, many players looked forward to the second half. The long-awaited sequel took a long time to develop, but after many years it will come true and it is already known when it will debut.

The last we heard from Super Meat Boy Forever was that it would debut in early 2019, but then it was delayed indefinitely, the 2020 pandemic did not help, as we still did not know of a launch window. If you are one of the fans of Super Meat Boy, we have very good news for you, as Super Meat Boy Forever, the continuation of the iconic indie game by Edmund McMillen, already has a release date.

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In case you missed it: the creator of the game has an opinion on the exclusive agreement with Epic Games.
You can get Super Meat Boy Forever with a discount thanks to the Epic Games Store

At the 2020 Game Awards ceremony, it was surprisingly revealed that Super Meat Boy Forever will finally arrive on PC on December 23. Something that you should take into account is that the title has an exclusive agreement with Epic Games Store and apparently this agreement will have an effect not only on PC, but also on consoles, since only the Epic Games Store version was discussed, so that this will be the only platform on which indie will be available at the end of December.

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This announcement was made together with the revelation of a new gameplay trailer in which you can see some of the new features that it will include, such as the possibility of throwing punches, executing a sweep, among other gameplay options. This title will be a sequel to the adventure of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, who had a son, Nugget, who was kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus. The 2 heroes will have to travel through randomly generated levels, which will make it difficult for you to try the same level in your various attempts.

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