Supporting characters who got their own movie

When telling stories, the beings that appear in movies tend to have their own personalities that connect in different ways with the audience. However, at times, audiences can feel more empathy for a supporting actor than for the leads, leading them to steal not only the camera, but the hearts of their audience as well.

Bright Side prepared a list of some of those characters who grew so much in their original films that the production companies decided to make a specific film (or more) of them, as if they had earned their own production on screen. big.

1. Minions / Despicable Me

16 Personajes secundarios que consiguieron tener su propia película

My Favorite Villain was released in 2010, to a very good reception from the public. Gru, the protagonist, won the sympathy of the audience; however, the heart was taken by the massive secondary characters. Without saying a word (at least none that is clearly understood), the Minions got enough attention to get their own series of movies of which we have already seen the first, although there is a second in the door.

2. The penguins of Madagascar / Madagascar

16 Personajes secundarios que consiguieron tener su propia película

Madagascar staged the story of Alex, the lion who was not only the protagonist of the film, but also of the zoo where he coexisted with other species. That narrative thread gave rise to other small stories such as that of the lemurs on the island where the lion arrives with his friends, or the penguins of the arctic area of the park. These hilarious characters managed to create such an authentic aura on screen that they got a spin-off in the form of a series that ran for three seasons and was broadcast on Nickelodeon. On top of that, in 2014 they released their own movie in theaters.

3. LEGO Batman / The LEGO Great Adventure

16 Personajes secundarios que consiguieron tener su propia película

The great LEGO adventure shows the chaotic fun of a child’s play. In this first installment, several characters appear interacting to save creativity. One of the heroes with the most iconic personality in the saga is the LEGO version of Batman. The excellent reception of the character by the public earned him his own film, and a second part has already been announced for 2022.

4. Puss in Boots / Shrek

16 Personajes secundarios que consiguieron tener su propia película

Within the Shrek universe there are several characters from different stories, such as the gingerbread cookie, Pinocchio or the three little pigs, which refer us directly to our childhood. In the second installment of the Shrek saga, a character appeared that took the hearts of the audience, Puss in Boots, who had the voice of Antonio Banderas. Later, in 2011, this cute character got his own movie.


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