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Tales of Arise is already in its final stages of development

The RPG was delayed in June due to the impact of the pandemic

Tales of Arise was revealed with an engaging trailer at E3 2019. Soon after, we learned that the new installment in the franchise would arrive sometime in 2020 . Unfortunately, Bandai Namco was unable to fulfill its plans, having to delay the game due to the pandemic .

The study confirmed that due to development problems caused by the global crisis, Tales of Arise would not be released this year. So fans are eager to learn more about the RPG, which we will surely see in 2021.

Yusuke Tomizawa, producer of the series, recently spoke about the creation of Tales of Arise and gave very good news for fans. This as the RPG entered its last stages of development.


A few hours ago a special stream was held for the 25 years of Tales of . Tomizawa took the opportunity to end any concerns about the development of Tales of Arise , a title that is on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The creative said that Bandai Namco is already working to reveal more about the RPG in the coming months, so he asked the players for patience. The good news is that Tales of Arise is already in its final stages of development.

Fans have no reason to be concerned, as Tomizawa stated that they are currently working to improve the overall quality of the title and that their goal is to make a great RPG that Western and Japanese fans are proud of.

The creative pointed out that the development team is recovering little by little from the problems caused by the pandemic. Finally, Tomizawa recommended that fans be aware, because in 2021 more details of the RPG will be released.

Unfortunately, there was no information about the release of Tales of Arise , but everything indicates that the wait for its debut will still be a few more months. We will keep up to date to inform you of any news in this regard.

Tales of Arise is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For now it does not have a new release window. 

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