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Team AzuraAnarchy wins $40K CoD Vanguard Sadie Hawkins event: Final results

Yet another massive Call of Duty Vanguard tournament is in the books as Team AzuraAnarchy secured the win in the latest Sadie Hawkins event. If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with the full results.

  • AzuraAnarchy, Kenny, kelsaroony, & Drazah secure top spot.
  • $40,000 prize pool.
  • At least two female captains on every team.

Although a number of huge CoD tournaments have already been locked in for December, one last competition came through just as November was winding down. A $40K Sadie Hawkins Vanguard event just unfolded we’ve got all there is to know.

From the final results to a full look at every team, here’s everything you need to catch up on the latest Vanguard competition.

$40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event: Final Placements

Placement Team
1st Team AzuraAnarchy
2nd Team CelyXO
3rd Team IMAngelika
4th Team iSmixie
Top 6 Team Queenshadows
Team Letty
Top 8 Team BrittneyRaines
Team ShawnJGaming

$40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event: Results & Recap

With a mix of CDL talent and popular female streamers, teams were stacked for this $40K competition. From the ATL FaZe duo of aBeZy & Arcitys teaming with EmiliaRose & Cely to Tommey loading in with his partner BrittneyRaines, there’s was plenty of synergy in these squads.

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For some, however, it was a rough start. Every opening matchup was a sweep, though it was the likes of Team QueenShadows and Team ShawnJGaming that fell out of the running early.

Meanwhile, Team AzuraAnarchy came out firing on all cylinders as they only dropped one map on their way to the grand finals.

Ultimately, their momentum carried through to this last series against Team CelyXO. A 3-0 map count went their way as AzuraAnarchy, Kenny, kelsaroony, & Drazah proved unbeatable on the day.

$40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event: Streams & Schedule

The $40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event went live at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Monday, November 29. This bracket ran for just under five hours in total.

As always, the official eFuse Twitch channel served as a hub stream throughout the competition. This was the best way to keep on top of every match as the bracket played out.

Though if you preferred to watch a specific POV, most of the top competitors were also streaming on their own channels as well.

$40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event: Format

Eight teams dropped into a mix of maps and modes in this $40K CoD Vanguard event. With a double-elimination bracket, every squad had two lives to push through the competition.

Each series was a best of three along the way, meaning teams had to win two maps to advance.

Each series was a best of three along the way, meaning teams had to win two maps to advance.

$40K Sadie Hawkins CoD Vanguard event: Players & Teams

Before teams were finalized, one key rule was made official. Being a Sadie Hawkins event, female streamers were at the forefront so each team had a requirement of two women captains. From there, each of the eight teams was able to pick any two players to round out the squad.

Below is a full look at every team that competed in the latest $40K tournament:

ShawnJGaming, Yeez, notShay, InsightJC iSmixie, Standy, LilyPump, Maniak BrittneyRaines, Kenzrosey, Tommey, Envoy Arcitys, EmiliaRose, aBeZy, Cely
AzuraAnarchy, Kenny, kelsaroony, Drazah IMAngelikaa, Fxzzn, Rafi, HeyLovely Queenshadows, SenseiSwishem, Almond, Intechs Huke, letty5, Swiphey, Asim
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