Test your power of observation by looking for all the errors in these illustrations

Sometimes we look at an image and something immediately catches our attention because it is not where it should be. Other times we feel that something is wrong, but we fail to understand what exactly it is and we must look more carefully. And then we notice details that we hadn’t seen before and find more and more inconsistencies. Okay, that’s not usually the case in everyday life, but it does happen in our selections of images with weird and hard-to-spot errors.

We have put together a new portion of illustrations where something is definitely not quite as it should be. Let’s see if you can find all the bugs! To find the correct answer, click on each image. Have fun!

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Were you able to discover them all or did you miss any details? Tell us in the comments which illustration cost you the most time and which one was very easy for you. And share this article with your friends so they can have fun too.


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