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The crypto market is already bigger than any company in the world

Crypto currencies surpassed $ 2.2 trillion on Market Capital

The latest jump in the crypto market, starring the new all-time highs for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) above $ 63,700 and $ 2,200 respectively, led the crypto market to touch a total capitalization of $ 2.2 trillion. The milestone marks the surpassing of the total capital of Apple, the world’s largest private company.

The daily jump in the market was also underpinned by the 34% increase in XRP, which reached the highest price in the last 3 years, above USD 1.85. Litecoin (LTC) also had a considerable jump of 10% and reached $ 270.

In just one day, the market totaled $ 150 billion and peaked at $ 2.26 trillion in total capitalization, up from Apple’s 2.23 trillion. The historical figure represents an increase of more than 10 times in the last 12 months.

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In addition, the brand comes exactly 13 months after BTC is reduced by 50% following the announcement of the World Health Organization (WHO) about the state of pandemic and the fall of traditional markets. Back then, the entire market was just over $ 200 billion. Currently, only ETH represents more of that capital.

According to the specialists, the comparison of the market with private companies will be in the past in the coming months. Digital assets will now seek to exceed the total capitalization of the world’s five largest companies (Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Amazon, Google, and Apple), which represent $ 9.3 trillion.

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Finally, on the horizon is the gold market, which is currently worth about $ 11 trillion. Breaking that mark, according to experts, will be the final blow that digital assets give to the precious metal to finish imposing itself as a better store of value, since, in terms of growth, storage and portability, it already markedly exceeds it.

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