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The film industry recovers after the pandemic with the help of Bitcoin

AMC Entertaiment will accept payments in BTC in its rooms.

A few months ago, different representatives of the entertainment industry began to get involved in the crypto market; retail investments in digital assets, non-fungible token projects (NTF) or the simple interest in knowing even more about the ecosystem. However, the great fusion of the two worlds came from the hand of AMC Entertainment.

The firm announced that it will accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment by the end of 2021. Customers who want to attend their cinemas will be able to buy tickets online with their cryptocurrencies. The initiative was confirmed by the president of the company, Adam Aron, to its shareholders during the meeting to evaluate the second quarter of the year.

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“We are also in the preliminary stage of exploring now how else AMC can participate in this burgeoning new universe of cryptocurrencies, “Aron said. He added: “We are quite intrigued by the potentially lucrative business opportunities for AMC if we intelligently pursue more serious engagement with cryptocurrencies.”

The crypto ecosystem celebrated landmark news for cryptocurrencies, which will undoubtedly further drive crypto adoption. While theaters reopen their doors after the restrictions by Covid-19, the largest chain of cinemas in the United States will do so together with BTC.

AMC currently has 593 theaters in the United States and more than 330 around the world. In principle, the option to pay with BTC will only be available in its national rooms, but it hopes to expand the service internationally within a few months.

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More and more entrepreneurs in the film world are seeking to reinvent themselves after the pandemic. The industry has been one of the most affected in economic terms, and society with a booming world like crypto makes it a viable alternative to get afloat again.

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