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The girls of Kakkou no Iinazuke dress up as devils for a product lottery

On the official site for the Japanese lottery Ichiban Kuji A collaboration with the animated franchise of Kakkou no Iinazuke (A Couple of Cuckoos), in a product raffle that will take place from December 11 in Japan, with tickets priced at 750 yen (about US $ 7). Products will be shipped in March 2022 and tickets can be purchased at participating convenience stores and other sites.

Among the products are listed: [Premio A] Erika Amano figure, [Premio B] Commemorative poster, [Premio C] Panel with illustration by Erika Amano, [Premio D] Panel with illustration by Hiro Segawa, [Premio E] Panel with illustration by Sachi Umino, [Premio F] Acrylic stands, [Premio G] Mini illustrations of the type-shikishi and [Premio H] Themed rubber keychains.

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