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“The government has always been responsible”: China reacts to new accusations by Donald Trump

The Chinese government reacted to new statements by US President Donald Trump, who accused the country of being responsible for a worldwide slaughter.

The verbal escalation between the two world powers increases as the coronavirus, first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan (center), devastates the planet’s economies.

Donald Trump develops a virulent speech against China as the centerpiece of his campaign for a second presidential term.

He accuses the Chinese authorities of having concealed the start of the epidemic, which Beijing firmly denies.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs remained moderate in its response to the question about these statements.

“In the fight against the epidemic, the Chinese government has always been open, transparent, and responsible,” said its spokesman, Zhao Lijian.

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China is in the crosshairs of the US administration, which blames it for too slow a reaction to the epidemic, which has already caused more than 325,000 deaths worldwide.

The United States and Australia called for an independent international investigation into the origin of the virus.

As for Donald Trump and his head of diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, they claimed that the coronavirus had escaped from a Chinese laboratory, without providing the slightest proof.


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