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The horror of Sons of the Forest shines in its new trailer

The Forest sequel to debut next year

Despite the style debacle that marked an era for the Survival Horror genre, the terrifying proposals resurfaced thanks to immersive experiences that were responsible for maintaining the current terror in video games.
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Today, there are many games of that style and next year will see the release of the sequel to The Forest, which presented its new trailer.

In 2018, Endnight Games introduced The Forest, a game that turned into a video game the terrifying experience of getting lost in a forest and finding yourself in all kinds of paranormal situations, including the presence of horrifying creatures. Next year, the studio will launch Sons of the Forest, a game that takes up the original proposal, giving it some tweaks for a new generation.

In Sons of the Forest, we will find ourselves in a situation similar to that of the first game, with a survivor of a helicopter crash in an unknown forest. There, the protagonist will face the terrifying face of the place, because from the first moment he will notice the presence of terrifying creatures and what seems to be a mysterious cult since they respond to the presence of people who wear a mask.

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