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The institutional reactivation of the crypto market will come from the new investment options

Goldman Sachs believes that the rest of the financial giants are preparing to train the ecosystem.

As companies began to enter the cryptocurrency market, banks and finance companies launched different investment tools so that young and old can be exposed to them. According to the executives of the US bank Goldman Sachs, the development of more crypto options will increasingly attract the big giants of the system.

Andrei Kazantsev, global director of crypto trading at Goldman Sachs, said there is a growing demand for cryptocurrency derivatives from large investors.

“We are seeing a lot of demand for more derivative coverage. The next big step that we are envisioning is the development of options markets”.

On the other hand, the businessman suggested that there could be equity funds with exposure to shares with shares underlying bitcoins. That is, investors who instead of investing directly in bitcoin (BTC) or altcoins acquire shares in companies intrinsically related to the market (such as MicroStrategy) or access the futures market.

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In recent days, Goldman Sachs also made headlines in the crypto ecosystem after the possibility of offering cash loans that accept bitcoin (BTC) as collateral emerged. Coinbase, the largest exchange in the United States, has been offering such instruments since the beginning of November.

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