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The Jungle XTRA: Why ShowMaker will take Faker’s crown!

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Four teams are left standing in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, and as the first of the semi-finals nears, Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and Daniel ‘dGon’ Gonzales are here to break down the upcoming matches.

The last-four stage of Worlds will begin with a clash of two titans, pitting defending champions DWG KIA against T1, one of the most storied teams in League of Legends history. In the other match, Gen.G, fresh off a 3-0 sweep of Cloud9, will take on against LPL giants EDG, who edged past RNG in a five-game series.

DWG KIA and EDG are the favorites in their matchups, but can they fulfill expectations?

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