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The Medium reveals more of its horror in extensive gameplay

The new Bloober Team game will arrive this month on Xbox Series X | S and PC

The Medium is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases this year for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Bloober Team’s horror game will premiere later this month and will also be available to PC gamers.

So far we have seen several trailers and a gameplay of the game , where its sinister world and its innovative Dual Reality mechanics are revealed, a feature that will allow you to render 2 worlds in real time.

Bloober Team knows that there are many players waiting for their project, so they decided to release an extensive 14-minute gameplay. The trailer shows in greater detail how the gameplay of The Medium will work.

The Medium looks great in its new gameplay

Bloober Team revealed that the story of The Medium will take us to an abandoned hotel in which, apparently, spirits of all kinds haunt. As its name implies, the game will allow us to play the role of a medium, who will be able to explore the real world and the spiritual world.

The protagonist will have to uncover the mystery about the hotel and its sinister inhabitants with the use of her special abilities. On her way she will face Maw, a monster that was born as a result of a great tragedy.


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