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The novels Kaitou Queen wa Circus ga Osuki will have an animation project

The Kodansha publishing house issued a press release announcing that Kaoru Hayamine’s novels, Kaitou Queen wa Circus ga Osuki (Mirage Queen Aime Cirque), will have an OVA project that will be released in theaters in Japan in 2022. The statement also revealed the project logo.

The animation project commemorates the 20th anniversary of the literary series. The Kadokawa Publishing House published the first novel under the Aoitori Bunko imprint in March 2002, with illustrations by K2 Shoukai. The latest novel will be released on July 14 in Japan, and the project marks the first time this franchise has had an animated adaptation. In fact, the animation project shares the same title as the franchise’s debut novel.

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Synopsis of Kaitou Queen wa Circus ga Osuki

The novel series takes place in a world full of airships. The Kaitou Queen is someone who never stops stealing what she is looking for. Her age and gender are unknown. However, a mysterious circus troupe appears, with hypnotizing magicians and other special powers in their ranks. The circus troupe manages to steal the gem that the Kaitou Queen is looking for and challenges the Kaitou Queen to a contest.

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