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The number of cryptocurrency users doubled in the first half of 2021

A report from revealed that there are already more than 220 million people using crypto assets.

A recent investigation by major exchange revealed that there are already more than 220 million cryptocurrency users. In an official statement, the popular platform estimates that at the end of June, the users of crypto assets doubled in these first six months of 2021.

The company reported that it used on-chain data and other parameters to collect the figures from 24 of the largest crypto platforms in the ecosystem.

The report shows that the months from February to May were the most active, with surprising figures: crypto users increased from 106 million to 203 million in that period. Much of the growth was seen during the month of May, when China’s measures against bitcoin miners tightened, and Elon Musk commented on bitcoin’s carbon footprint, and it was due to the adoption of altcoins.

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In that sense, the proportion of altcoin holders increased from a low of 20% of the total between January and April to close to 37% in May and June. CEO Kris Marszalek said “the growth seen across the industry is very encouraging”

For comparison, it took nine months for the crypto user base to go from 65 million to 100 million. While 2021, the number of cryptocurrency users doubled in just six months.

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