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The number of Virtual YouTubers worldwide has exceeded 16 thousand

The tracking company User Local, which manages the list “VTuber Ranking“, Reported on October 19 that the number of Virtual YouTubers worldwide has exceeded 16 thousand. According to the Virtual YouTubers that appeared in the list and the data posted, the affiliates of Hololive Production They took the top ten positions in terms of number of subscribers on YouTube.

«Virtual YouTubers were born at the end of 2016, when Kizuna AI claimed to be “the first in the world”. According to User Local, the number of Virtual YouTubers started to increase at the end of 2017, and by the following year, 2018, the number had already reached 6,000. Huge growth. Since then the number has continued to grow, albeit slowly, and by January 2020 it had passed the 10,000 mark.‘Wrote the site.

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Along with this announcement, the “Top 10”Of the ranking of the number of subscribers on YouTube for each Virtual YouTuber currently registered by the platform. Except Kizuna AI, which occupies the second position, all the first ten positions were achieved by members of Hololive Production, with Gawr gura in the first and Used Pekora in the third. The list omits currently inactive talents, such as Houshou marine.

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