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The person responsible for the attack on Kyoto Animation will undergo another psychiatric evaluation

The REUTERS portal reported that the Kyoto District Court has allowed the suspect accused of the arson attack on the studios Kyoto Animation undergo another round of psychiatric evaluations to determine his competence to be held criminally responsible for the attack. The attack on Kyoto Animation in July 2019 killed 36 of the company’s staff and decimated the Kyoto Animation’s First Studio, which has already been shot down.

The suspect, Shinji aoba, had already undergone a round of psychiatric evaluations by the prosecution before the indictment was delivered in December 2020, but Aoba’s defense attorney requested that Aoba be allowed to conduct his own evaluation as well, which was granted. Aoba’s psychiatric status is considered the biggest conflict in the case, as the verdict depends on whether Aoba can be held criminally responsible for what he is accused of having done.

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The re-evaluation is believed to have already begun, but this has caused a ripple effect throughout the trial, slowing down the investigation than expected and delaying Trial Litigation, which is where the defendant first appears before a judge in the courts that have jurisdiction. Aoba has been charged with the murder of 36 people – the largest mass murder in Japan since the Showa Era – as well as the attempted murder of 32 others.


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