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The producers of ‘Monster Hunter’ apologize for their racist dialogue

Which has caused the cancellation of its premiere in China, waiting for it to be removed from the assembly.

Not even 24 hours after the release of Monster Hunter in Chinese theaters when a scene from the film hit social media and sparked a wave of outrage over its offensive content. The Paul W.S. Anderson, who adapts the video games of the same title, had a dialogue where Jin Au Yeung made reference to the very widespread and insulting play on words that phonetically connects “Chinese” with “knees”, and although the government censorship had passed, this discovery in networks caused that subsequent sessions were canceled and theaters in China were prohibited from showing it.

Capcom, responsible for the original games, has ignored the issue, while Tencent (Chinese multinational in charge of distribution) is taking the most furious criticism. Meanwhile, and according to Deadline, the Chinese public has already received a first apology from Constantin Film, a German studio (Monster Hunter is a co-production between China, Germany, Japan and the US), which has regretted this ” misunderstanding ”with a statement revealing his intention to eliminate the scene from the film’s montage.

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“Our sincere apologies to the Chinese public for a line of dialogue contained at the beginning of Monster Hunter,” the statement read. “There was no intention of discriminating, insulting or offending Chinese culture in any way. Constantin Film has listened to the complaints of the public and has removed the line that has led to this misunderstanding. It is expected that, with the scene removed from the film, China will agree to screen the film again, although the government of the country has not yet spoken out on this matter.

Starring Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman, among others, Monster Hunter has already been released in four countries beyond China (where it managed to reach the top position at the box office with a single day on the billboard). The plan is for it to arrive in the US on December 25, and for Spanish cinemas to receive its copy (edited or not) on January 1, 2021.

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