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The US approves a new stimulus plan of 484 Billion Dollars

The funds will help hospitals and small businesses deal with the coronavirus.

The US House of Representatives approved a new stimulus plan on Thursday, endowed with $ 484 billion (more than 448.9 billion euros), to help small businesses and hospitals cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The measure, which was approved by 388 votes in favor and five against, also plans to expand COVID-19 diagnostic tests throughout the country. The text is now directed at US President Donald Trump, who has expressed support for the new legislation and has already indicated he will sign it.

“A few moments ago, the House of Representatives approved urgently needed help to combat the coronavirus and save lives. With my signature, the package goes to the president’s desk,” the president of the US Lower House said on her Twitter account, Nancy Pelosi.

Of the approved amount, $ 75 billion will go to hospitals and health service providers to address the expenses caused by the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, while $ 25 billion will serve to facilitate and expand the tests for COVID-19, according to the CNN television network.

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The United States Congress has already approved a $ 2 trillion stimulus package to deal with the pandemic. The country is the most affected by COVID-19, with more than 873,000 positive cases and almost 48,000 deaths.


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