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The US Pays Millions To Guarantee A Dose Of Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

What Happened?

The United States has agreed to pay $ 1.95 billion to secure 100 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine that is being developed by the US-based Pfizer and German Biontech laboratories, the two companies announced Wednesday.

“The US government placed an initial order for 100 million doses for $1.95 billion and could purchase up to 500 million additional doses,” said the two companies, which are due to begin clinical trials of the vaccine soon.

The Biontech company and the American laboratory Pfizer have been developing a vaccine for months that is entering a decisive phase of large-scale trials.

Washington should receive the first doses “when Pfizer successfully makes [the vaccine] and gets approval” from health authorities.

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Production Of Vaccines Against Covid

The goal of both laboratories is to “manufacture a hundred million doses before the end of 2020” and probably more than 1.3 billion before the end of 2021.

In early July, the two companies announced positive preliminary results after testing the vaccine on 45 people.

According to Pfizer and Biontech, the vaccine is “capable of generating a neutralizing antibody response among humans at levels greater than or equal to those observed in convalescent sera, and it does so at relatively small doses.”

On Tuesday, the British government announced an agreement to reserve 30 million doses of this vaccine.

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