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The video game Evertale goes viral for ‘de-furrying’ a character

Evertale is a role-playing video game for smartphones distributed by ZigZaGame, which recently went viral due to a strange situation, that the Twitter user @rayforcegame reported in a recent update. Turns out that Mysha a character who had quite pronounced animal characteristics (what in otaku culture could fit within the denomination of “furry”) has now been turned into a beautiful girl with minimal animal characteristics, which has left players in great confusion. (On the left its original design, on the right its new design)

The report also indicated that his background has been completely changed., since its original description wrote: «Serious and educated young woman, Mysha grew up admiring her grandfather and uncle, both renowned and powerful masters of the sword. Her small complexion hides a warrior’s heart, and since she could walk Mysha has trained with a sword alongside her childhood friend Ga’Luga.».

Your new description writes: «A girl from Urg Roa who lives with her grandfather, Gilgan. Bright and cheerful, she is never seen without a smile. Mysha grew up admiring her grandfather and uncle, both renowned masters of the sword, and especially idolizes Druke. From a young age, Mysha has trained with a sword alongside her childhood friend Ga’Luga. Since she is not a kud, Mysha grew up training alongside people much bigger and stronger than her. Still, his innate speed and agility, and tireless hard work, are the source of his strength.». The description emphasizes that it ceased to be of the “Kud breed“, Which presented the characteristics of its first design.

«I understand that the video game industry is a business and that you want to make each character beautiful, but to change the personality, the way of speaking and behaving, to make a completely different person, I do not understand. Also, as a person who has seen history, I find this change too strange“Commented a Twitter user who also reported the situation.

Description of Evertale

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Source: < レ イ フ ォ ー ス > on Twitter

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