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There Is Another Series Of Video Games To Be Adapted By Netflix

The first ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ season will open in September.

Netflix released the first images of its next original series based on a video game, ‘Dragon’s Dogma’, originally released in 2012 by Capcom.

Among the images we find not only the promotional poster for the series as well as some images that reflect the style of animation that will be adopted. While in ‘Castlevania’ Netflix opted for a more classic style, in ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ it looks like there will be a closer approach to 3D models.

“Ethan sets out to eliminate the Dragon that stole his heart but, with every demon he faces, he loses more of his humanity”, it can be read in the synopsis of ‘Dragon’s Dogma’. The first season will be released on September 17 on Netflix.


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