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These are the most promising altcoins on the market

Raoul Pal explained why he thinks ADA, SOL and XRP have special potential.

Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision Group and former executive of US bank Goldman Sach acknowledged that he has a particular enthusiasm for three altcoins: Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and XRP. All three cryptocurrencies have so far striking annual returns so far in 2021, and are in the top 10 by market capitalization.

Pal’s position on the present of the international financial system is quite clear: he believes that cryptocurrencies are the future, and that fiat currencies are doomed to oblivion. The businessman has always had a favorable position with bitcoin (BTC), and lately he has also highlighted ether (ETH). However, it appears that it has now delved further into the crypto market.

As for Cardano, the businessman stated that he likes the project led by Charles Hoskinson (with whom he has met personally); although he pointed out that greater adoption is needed to get out of the current “initial stage”. For Pal, it will be essential that the asset can withstand the current market shocks to be seriously considered in the future.

“If you survive this cycle and continue to get adoption, you will probably do very well in the next cycle,” remarked the CEO in dialogue with Ben Armstrong (popularly known as “BitBoy Crypto”). And he confessed: “I own it because there are many investors in it.
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And if the ecosystem develops, it will do incredibly well. ”

As for Solana, Pal was particularly surprised. He called it “the ETH of this cycle” and highlighted the incredible speed of adoption in recent months. “ There are like 300 people who are already working with Solana. This is happening at a speed that none of us can understand. Solana seems to be going to win this cycle”, he affirmed.

Lastly, the crypto benchmark referred to XRP as “a great risk reward.” Pal acknowledged that many members of the crypto community dislike Ripple’s token for not being fully decentralized, but the increasing adoption in recent months is undeniable . “Are people using it? Yes, much more than most people think. And the surprising thing is that you cannot buy it on any exchange. So get ready for an incredible race if this clears up”, completed the businessman.
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