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They criticize a couple on Twitter for their costumes based on Kimetsu no Yaiba

The popular Twitter user @rayforcegame, which usually shares controversies arising on networks related to Japanese culture, published an update pointing out the case of an update published by the Twitter account @nicolelxm, where a couple was shown wearing outfits inspired by the franchise of Kimetsu no yaiba.

The boy in the pictures dressed in a full character outfit Tanjirou Kamado, while the girl modified the outfit of Nezuko kamado turning it into a swimsuit that uses the patterns of the original design. The latter was not taken well by the already accustomed Twitter community, who criticized that “Nezuko is a minor“And it shouldn’t inspire”this kind of outfits“.

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Comments like «You know those two characters are brother and sister, right?»,«I know this was posted with the intention of being cute, but they are canonically brothers …»,«Nah, this bitch doesn’t know that the characters are brothers and that Nezuko is a minor»,«Why the heck is the girl cosplaying an underage girl in a two-piece bikini? Why is she in a bikini while he is kissing her when the characters are brothers and minors? Why does Tanjirou look like a fuckboy? I’m usually against gatekeeping, but this …»Can be read among the screenshots cited in the publication.

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