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They point out that some girls may ‘get jealous’ of anime girls

In networks, a story published on the site began to be distributed Singapore Uncensored, where the author reported that he has practically seen it necessary to hide his love of manga and anime since most of the girls feel “disgusted”About it, and some even fear that he pays more attention to their hobbies than to themselves.

«Hello, I hope my story is read. I’m a guy who’s kind of an anime otaku. I spend most of my time watching anime and reading manga. I have a collection of figurines and it has become a hobby for me. However, I definitely know that I am doing it sensibly. I have a stable job, in which I have been working for the company for about five years. I don’t spend all my income on anime collections or other things. I will always strive to save a monthly amount and even give my parents some allowances every month».

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He continued: «So soon I decided to try to have a relationship and I tried dating several girls. But most of the time, they are kind of reluctant to support my hobbies, some even feel disgusted by it. They feel that maybe I care more about my “anime girls” than about them. But I always tell them that I am not the type of guy who does not distinguish and that basically anime is just my hobby and I hope my partner supports me. Sorry if I don’t express myself well, but I hope my story can be understood by the majority.».

This type of situation is not new. In fact, in the forum Quora, the user “Laura Pippard Vigander”He commented on being jealous of an anime girl:“I’d say it’s not bad as such, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Understandably, anime girls are drawn to look very sexy in a way that is almost impossible in real life. In fact, as they are drawn, they can be drawn in any way the artist wants, while we are stuck with our uncooperative flesh bodies. However, I would say that it is probably bad for you that you are jealous, and that it probably makes you feel bad. You would surely be happier if you eliminated that insecurity».

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Source: Singapore Uncensored

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