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They point out that the peculiar recent trend of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? will affect the franchise

The Japanese portal Globaway published an article pointing out the effects that the recent controversy of the collaboration between the franchise of Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? (Is the Order a Rabbit?) and the beverage company Lipton it could provoke in the future. The article was shared by Yahoo! News Japan and points out that there is a possibility that the franchise is “blacklisted”By the companies as far as collaborations are concerned.

«Are there more and more people in the world who do not know how to distinguish between what they should do and what not? It is a collaboration package between the “Lipton” tea company, produced and sold by Morinaga Milk Industry, and the anime “Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? (Is the Order a Rabbit?) ”(Gochiusa). There have been several cases in which people who have bought the products have posted on social media crude and explicit ways of using them, prompting the Morinaga Milk Industry to issue a complaint on its official website».

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«The problem is drinks packaged in cardboard paper, such as Lipton lemon tea, which is currently on sale. The collaboration is available in a total of nine different character packs. The collaboration is based on the third season of the anime series “Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?”. The series is a poignant anime set in a coffee shop, and the original work has now been in publication for 10 years. It is one of those campaigns that you see often today, a collaboration with a popular animation. However, some people posted on social media a photo of a tea poured into a paper cup for urinalysis and sparked a controversy. Some fans have expressed outrage at the shameless use of the drink as the character’s bodily fluids.».

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«Finally, Morinaga Milk Industry, the company that sold the product, posted the following message on its official website: “We regret that customers have reported cases where the collaborative packaging has been tampered with in an unforeseen way. We hope you continue to enjoy Lipton tea as much as we do. “ Our economic analyst expressed in this regard: “The text is soft, but there is no doubt that Morinaga Milk Industry is furious. Isn’t it like a food company suddenly goes viral because their products are being compared to crap? Some tweet “Let’s drink Lipton in a glass of urine”, but writing something like that to the food industry is equivalent to criticizing the product “».

«Regarding how this situation could affect the future, an employee of an animation production company commented on the subject: “There is no denying that no matter what you work on, there are always a certain number of quirky fans. The now common “pilgrimage to sacred places” (visiting the places shown in an anime) is a symbol of this. Even if most fans are well dressed and polite, a rude person can ruin the whole impression. The “spooky” impression created by this incident will never be forgotten. It is not surprising that some companies are concerned that other works or their products are used in the same way, so they prefer to refuse to collaborate in the future».

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan

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