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They project a bitcoin price above $ 250,000 by 2026

The Morgan Creek CEO stated that the key to bitcoin is to be more than a store of value.

Mark Yusko , founder and chief investment officer at Morgan Creek Capital Management , said this weekend that he sees exponential growth in bitcoin through network adoption, potentially rivaling the market capitalization of gold , which would drive it to touch $ 250,000 in the next five years.

The CEO of the investment management company claimed that the key to bitcoin is to be more than a store of value. According to Yusko, it was about network adoption and increased use:  “This is a network and networks are growing exponentially. This is the fastest network in history to hit $ 1 trillion, right after the FAANGs that took 15-20 years, depending on which one you look at. ”

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The bitcoin market reached a value of USD 1 trillion in early 2021, 12 years after its creation, surpassing the FAANGs in time, an acronym to refer to the shares of the five largest technology companies in the world: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (now called Alphabet).

Yusko based his prediction on the equivalence with gold , which has a market capitalization of $ 4 trillion. If BTC reaches this level, that values ​​each coin at $ 250,000. “What people don’t realize is that this is a technological evolution that is not going to go away ,” Yusko said. “It is a powerful computer network that will become the Internet base layer protocol of value.”

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