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This is how Anji Mito will look and fight in Guilty Gear: Strive

Arc System Works will soon reveal the latest fighter to arrive at the game's launch.

One of the games that fans of the fighting genre look forward to the most and which will debut in 2021 is Guilty Gear: Strive, which will debut in the first half of the year. There are only a few months left until his premiere and as we get closer to his launch, there is less time to meet the fighters who will debut together with him. Arc System Works had anticipated that it would start the year with the reveal of Anji Mito and true to its word it has just released the trailer for the character.

On the morning of the first day of New Year 2021 in Japan, Arc System Works made the reveal of Anji Mito, which coincided with the character’s birthday. In the trailer you can see the renewed appearance that Mito will have, recognized warrior for his graceful dance and movements that make him dodge enemy attacks.

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This character is a regular character in the Arc System Works fighting series; in fact, it made its last appearance in the last installment of the franchise, Guilty Gear Xrd: REVELATOR, which originally debuted in 2015 in Japan.

In case you missed it: Guilty Gear: Strive will have cross-play between PlayStation consoles, but not with PC.

Anji Mito will return with a new look, but with the same style

Myth will be back with his iconic weapons, Zessen, which is a pair of fans that can manipulate ki, sound and electromagnetic signals, and which are part of the sacred treasures. The trailer also shows the teleportation properties that it endows the user with.

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According to the official description of the fighter (via Gematsu), Mito is one of the few survivors of the Japanese population in the Guilty Gear universe. His actions can be a bit careless and he does not hesitate to make public his dislike for what he considers unfair. It can also be seen in the reveal trailer that he will use umbrellas to distance himself from his opponents.

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