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This is how George Clooney became an old man for ‘Midnight Sky’

"In real life I'm muscular, but here it had to be different", explains the actor and director

For George Clooney, Midnight Sky has been a very special movie. Not only for being the first science fiction title he signed as a director, for being released directly on Netflix or for aiming for an Oscar, but also for the drastic physical transformation that he has had to undergo for the film.

To bring to life a scientist who survives in a desolate, post-apocalyptic Earth, Clooney has had a good season hopping between various locations (including the Canary Islands and Iceland). And it has also led him to grow old to meet the requirements of the role.

“In real life I’m a hot guy [a jock], doing sports all the time and so on, but here even my way of holding a gun had to be different,” jokes the actor and filmmaker in an interview for the Hollywood Reporter.

“He had to look like a scientist who has never used a gun, so he couldn’t look athletic,” Clooney continues. “I am 59 years old, so I am no longer here to be a hero,” he insists. And with regard to his relationship with the girl (Caoilinn Springall) who accompanies him throughout the story, the thing was not to show off heroism either: “I am more to hold onto her than to carry her in my arms and rescue her.”

Also, George Clooney’s details about the filming of Midnight Sky are not particularly tempting either. The actor and director speaks of temperatures of 40 degrees below zero with winds of 70 kilometers per hour. “Every time he yelled ‘cut!’ they had to hit me with a hairdryer on my eyelids because they were sealed from the cold. ”

And if we add to all this his poor physical condition, then that is the end. “We shot with a minimal crew of very few people, and it was a very, very difficult shoot,” he says. “And I lost a lot of weight – that’s good for the actor, because it makes you look weak, but a director is a general. The director is the guy who has to say ‘Okay, get the gear, we’re going!” .

Despite Clooney’s sufferings, or rather thanks to them, Midnight Sky premieres on Netflix on December 23, after a limited release in theaters.


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