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Threats against Onsen Musume hot springs continue

Since the controversy started by the feminist activist Yumeno Nito against the multimedia project Onsen Musume, which turns thermal water establishments into “waifus”And uses them to promote tourism, the situation has only escalated. Nito assured that this project is “sexist and an example of sexual exploitation of minors“, Based on the fact that the characters have minor appearances. Recently a message posted on an anonymous forum went viral in comment forums, because it offers an idea on how to obstruct the business of the establishments affiliated to the project.

«For instance. If a poisonous substance is spilled into the hot springs of a facility of a company that is affiliated with the “Onsen Musume” project. Have you considered the possibility that this could cause serious harm to customers? Even if it’s only hypothetical.
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Of course you wouldn’t, would you? I don’t think that’s the worst that can happen. But you never know what can happen in today’s world

Keep going: “At the very least, there are many people who do not welcome a project like “Onsen Musume” trying to make a profit through the exploitation of characters with the appearance of minors. To avoid the worst case scenario, I think it would be better if the management of “Onsen Musume” apologized quickly and sincerely, don’t you think? The above is just an expression of my opinion. In Japan we have freedom of thought and expression».

The message was not taken in a good way by the fans, not only because it was considered as “a threat“To the thermal water establishments affiliated to the multimedia project of Onsen Musume, but also because they consider it as “a recommendation”For all radicals interested in affecting the project. Although this entry was made anonymously, in reality this is just “above“. The police in Japan are popular for arresting netizens who made anonymous threats to establishments or famous people after an investigation, so if this message continues to go viral it is likely that the situation will end in the same way.

Synopsis of Onsen Musume

The Onsen Musume that inhabit places throughout Japan are deities that were born when water began to gush from hot springs. Its appearance does not differ from that of a human being. Most days they attend the Onsen Musume Normal School on the island of Odaiba, where they study “Onsenology”, the science of hot springs. They live in ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inns) in their hometowns. After classes and on days off, they help out at the ryokan, as well as at places like tourist information centers in hot springs.

To create excitement in hot springs across Japan that (in the history of the Onsen Musume) have begun to see the number of tourists decline, the Onsen Musume are instructed by Sukunahiko, the highest-ranking thermal deity, to work as idols ( a type of singing and dancing artist that is popular in Japan). This makes the Onsen Musume form different groups and spread their hot springs through songs, dances and sometimes other extracurricular activities.

Source: Yaraon!

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