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Three Health Officials are Arrested for Participating in an Illegal Party in Argentina

What Happened?

Argentina has been under a mandatory quarantine since last March 19 and, according to official figures released during this Sunday, June 21, the country reports 42,785 infections and more than a thousand deaths due to the coronavirus health crisis.

Despite this critical situation, there are those who are breaking the established confinement, which was demonstrated last Friday night, when the Trans-Andean police arrested a group of 17 people who attended a clandestine party in Tucumán.

However, among nearly twenty arrested assistants there were three health officials: an intensive care nurse and two ambulance drivers.

What Were the Facts?

According to the information provided by TN, it was a clandestine event held in a neighborhood in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. In that town, social gatherings are allowed indoors, but it cannot gather more than 10 people.

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A neighbor was the one who alerted the police that the party in question exceeded the authorized number, in addition to presenting loud music, screaming and multiple vehicles parked on the street.

When she rang the bell, a woman answered them and explained that they were celebrating her son’s birthday. This fact was reported to the Complex Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, which ordered the arrest of all the participants.

The commissioner in charge of the procedure, Ricardo Fresneda, told TN that “17 people were brought to justice, to whom article 205 and 239 of the Penal Code were applied, for violating the quarantine.”

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When the police transferred the detainees to the city police station, it was found that the three Argentine health officials were among the 17 arrested.

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