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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, invests in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The CEO of Apple acknowledged that cryptocurrencies seem "interesting" to him

Tim Cook, CEO of one of the most successful technology companies in the world (Apple), has also opted to invest in bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies. This was recognized by the same executive during an interview broadcast on Tuesday, November 9.

“If I have. I think it is reasonable to have it as part of a diversified portfolio, “Cook acknowledged when asked in an interview with the New York Times. Cook added that he was not giving any investment advice or clarifying which currencies in particular he has earmarked some of his money for .

On his inclination towards cryptocurrencies, the businessman claimed to have acquired an interest in this world for some time. “I’ve been researching it and I think it’s interesting,” Cook added.

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Despite his personal interest, Cook’s company is not considering accepting cryptocurrency payments at the moment . They also do not intend to invest company money by buying bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the executive himself confirmed .

Cook delved into this matter, considering that Apple investors do not necessarily have an interest in cryptocurrencies. “I do not believe that those who buy Apple shares do so to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies,” said the director of one of the leading brands of phones and computers in the market.

Apple doesn’t want bitcoin, but its stars do

Cook made it clear that the company does not want bitcoin at the moment. But in addition to him, another of the great figures of the company has been paying a lot of attention lately.

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Before these statements by Cook, already one of the company’s co-founders, Steve Wozniak, had referred in rather glowing terms to the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Despite this particular interest, Apple has not taken any steps towards adoption or investment in BTC. His position is very cautious as a company, unlike cases like Tesla , which maintains funds in the cryptocurrency despite the statements of Elon Musk ; or MicroStrategy, which follows in the footsteps dictated by its founder and CEO, Michael Saylor and has already bought more than 100,000 BTC .

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