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To LOVE-Ru franchise celebrates Mikan Yuuki’s birthday

According to the lore of the manga written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentarou yabuki, To LOVE-Ru, November 3 is the birthday of Mikan yuuki, one of the recurring characters in the franchise. His official profile writes: «Rito’s independent and dependable 11-year-old sister Mikan takes care of the housework while her parents are away on business. Unlike her brother, she is very mature and does not hesitate to make fun of him, even going so far as to affirm that they are not blood relatives, just to laugh. Mikan also seems to have a certain lack of respect towards Rito for this reason (he barely addresses him because of his honorific as older brother), but he does respond “Onii-chan” as thanks for making an effort to take care of her when she has a fever. Mikan doesn’t show it, but she cares a lot for Rito and misses his company, and claims that they used to play together before Lala came into their lives.».

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Fans shared a variety of illustrations to commemorate the occasion, accompanied by the hashtag # 結 城 美 柑 生 誕 祭 2021.

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