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Toei Animation reveals promo video for Kaiju Decode anime

Toei Animation Studios released a new promotional video for Kaiju Decode, the upcoming CG animation project that they are producing in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions.


The studios also released a “VR Trailer” titled “First Contact” for this animation project. The video shows scenes that can be enjoyed through a virtual reality (VR) device, showing three different perspectives of the stage.

The Kaiju Decode project is a collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation that has released updates for several years. Producers and include Kouichi Noguchi and Masahiro Onda. Noguchi is the producer of projects like Rakuen Tsuihou (Expelled from Paradise) and Seikaisuru Kado (KADO: The Right Answer), while Onda is a Tsuburaya Productions veteran who has worked on projects like Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial and SSSS GRIDMAN.

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